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I am a director, editor and photographer living in New York City.  I love projects that push people’s limits of comfortability in the hopes of opening up new perspectives.  I am constantly searching for people’s truth on this tiny planet in the vastness of the universe around us.  


As an editor I have worked on numerous projects for a multitude of platforms from print, live events, TV shows, music videos, instructional, corporate, commercials, film and documentaries. Some of my work has been seen on HBO, Disney, Bravo, History, and ABC.


As a director I have worked on several plays, short films and collaborated for several years with artist and magician Asi Wind.  I helped produce and direct Asi's line of products for magicians as well as help develop and co-direct several of Asi’s shows, including his off-Broadway show, Concert of the Mind, and a special one time performance designed with writer Jonathan Safran Foer.  


I also am an avid photographer and venture out into the back country as much as I can throughout the year.  It’s great to unplug and reconnect with the natural world.  

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